Frequently Asked Questions

You Dont have exactly what I am after... Can you help?

Of course we can help! We are always happy to seek out and order something just for our customers. Simply fill out an online form, or get in touch with us through the sales@taranakistationery.co.nz email address. Of course try and be as specific as you can with the particular product you are after, however we will be in touch if we need some further information. 

 I'm a small Business, reasonably new, can I still be a business partner?

 Absolutely! We help any business, from small to large, with their stationery, office fit out & copy center needs. To apply, simply go to the 'Business Partner' page along the top and fill out the form so we can review.

I have brought a product from your website, what happens next?

 We will send through a confirmation email, along with tracking information if applicable. Unless you have opted for the overnight delivery, please give 3-5 working days for your item(s) to arrive. 

Something on the website isnt working properly...

 If you have noticed something that may not be working right, pop into our live chat and let us know! Alternatively you can fill out a contact form or send us an email and we will review. 

I havent recieved my confirmation email...

 No problems! Please flick us an email on sales@taranakistationery.co.nz with a brief breakdown of the product(s) you have purchased and we will follow up with a confirmation email. 

I am buying a few small products, can I combine the shipping? 

 We are currently working on this functionality and should be available soon! 

How do I track an item you are sending to me?

 Simply go to the NZ Post website, click on the tracking tab along the top, and input the tracking number you have been provided. Please note, when inputting your tracking ID there should be no spaces. 

Who handles your deliveries?

 As with the above Question, NZ Post does the majority of our Deliveries from In-store, Warehouse freighting and being sent something direct from a Supplier varies from company to company. 

Do you offer Graphic Design services? 

You best believe it! We do alot of in-store person to person Graphic Design at the rate of $5 per 10 Minutes. However please get in touch for a quote if your project requires a higher than usual amount of man hours.